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Star Trek: Genration Fleet Character Development

We encourage original Characters. Not everyone needs to be an Officer in ST:GF. Starbase 140, has the Galaxy Bar and Grill, a natural hangout for all kinds of Dennison. Also ST:GF has Enlisted crew, as well as Marines. The Romulan, and Klingon Empire are highly visble, as well as the Gorn.

Starfleet Personel

Starfleet Personel come in all species, and genders. All we ask you must be 18 years old, or older. Syarsphip crews usually need to have post filled, and you have your choice of Ship, or Installation to serve on.

You can be in either: * Starfleet
* Starfleet Marine Corps

You can be:
* An Officer

*An Enlisted Officer You can also post at many Positions.
Starfleet. Starfleet Marine Corp, Promotions are handed out by your Commanding Officer.


All species that appear in Star Trek, are available in ST:GF. Just keep it believable. Example: You can't be a Borg Science Officer, or a Jem'Hedar Marine. Cross-linking characters from another universe is not recommended as well. Example: Wookies.
Although we allow cross universe Storyline, it must be kept Star Trek in nature. Example: The Zentradi are basically ifrom a Paralleled Universe. What we see of them doesn't reflect all the elements from ROBOTECH, just a link to their general character.

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Other Characters.

With the trade expansion in the Cestus Sector, all kinds of civillian traffic is in the area. You can be a Freighter Captain, a Dabo girl, a smuggler, a Pirate, you name it. We inspire a rouge gallery, as well as just second characters that can always be in the midst of the story. We also have Ambassadors, and delegates from other worlds. There are new star systems to explore as well, be a new species. The variations are all yours to choose.

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